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Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ

Here are answers to questions asked most frequently at AnswerLine:

Q: What is the status of my undergraduate admission application? Who can I talk to about applying for admission?
A: Contact WSU (undergraduate) Admissions by email at admiss2@wsu.edu or call them at 888-GO-TO-WSU (888-468-6978)

Q: Who can help me concerning WSU e-mail? Where can I go on campus to get virus protection for my computer?
A: Call the HelpDesk at WSU Information Technology Services by phone at 509-335-4357 (HELP) or send email to helpdesk@wsu.edu or use this Helpdesk form.

Q: I’m a WSU student and have a question about my student account billing. I’m the parent of a WSU student and have a question about my student’s student account billing. Who can help me?
A: Contact WSU University Receivables/Student Accounts by phone at (509) 335-9651 or email univ-receivables@wsu.edu or visit 342 French Admininstration Building on the Pullman campus.

Q: When does the semester start? When is winter break? When is spring break?
A: See the WSU Academic Calendar online here.

Q: When is Commencement?
 Visit http://www.commencement.wsu.edu

Q: When is Dad's Weekend?
 Visit http://footballweekends.wsu.edu/

Q: When is Mom's Weekend?
 Visit http://momsweekend.wsu.edu/

Q: I need financial aid or a scholarship. I have questions about my financial aid and scholarships. Who can help me about this?
A: Contact WSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Lighty Student Services Bldg., Room 380 509-335-9711 or email finaid@wsu.edu

Q: I’m a WSU student. Who is my academic advisor?
Contact WSU Center for Advising and Career Development Lighty by calling 260-509-335-6000 or email cacd@wsu.edu

Q: On my class schedule, I have a class where it says "ARR ARR" under the building and room category. Where should I be going for this class? And, I have another class and the schedule says it is in General University Classroom To Be Scheduled and TBS (To Be Scheduled). How do I find learn the class room’s location?
A: The codes "ARR ARR" and "ARR" and "ARRGT" mean by arrangement or arranged. “TBS” means to be scheduled. “General University Classroom” indicates the class will be held in a classroom on campus. You should contact the academic departments offering the classes during the first two days of instruction for information, including location, about the classes.

Q: Where can I find a list of the building codes for the Pullman campus?
A: The building codes are in the catalog and online here.

Q: I live outside of the U.S. Who can I talk to about attending WSU?
 Contact WSU International Programs Washington State University PO Box 645110 Pullman WA 99164-5110 or call (509) 335-4508 or fax (509) 335-2373 or send email to international@wsu.edu

Q: I am trying to reach a WSU student without success and I am concerned. Who can help me?
A: Please contact the WSU Police Department or the Dean of Students Office.

Q: I’m a WSU graduate and have lost my WSU diploma. How do I get another?
A: Contact the Graduations/Undergraduate Degrees section of the WSU Office of the Registrar, 
509-335-9506 and tomhonnef@wsu.edu.

Q: Can I order a copy of my transcript online?
Yes, the Registrar's Office offers convenient online ordering here.

Q: I've lost a valuable item. Where would I go for Lost & Found?
A: WSU has lost and office locations throughout its campuses, including in many buildings. A complete listing can be found here


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