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1635 I lost my diploma. How do I get another one sent to me? 12/11/2012
7794 My son expects to complete his bachelor's degree requirements a year sooner than his friends who entered as freshmen with him. May he postpone walking in commencement for a year, so that he can walk with his friends? 4/20/2011
7789 I have two kids there and a third ready to go. I'm a WSU grad, too. I can't figure out how to (online) send info for her dorm room. Help! 3/29/2011
7786 How much is tuition for 1 year? 3/22/2011
7785 Is there a way to have like an informational packet sent to me in the mail? I know many colleges offer this and it helps me learn more about it; and I'm definitely interested in WSU! 3/22/2011
7788 My daughter is attending her first year at WSU. How do I check her grades? What do I need to do to be able to get online to check her grade? 3/22/2011
7784 Do the new WSU email (@email.wsu.edu) and the old one (@wsu.edu) expire or stop working when you graduate? I am graduating and want to know so I can plan. 3/17/2011
7783 I have signed up for Alive summer program, paid for it and received a confirmation. Now, I would like to change the session I want to attend. Is there any way possible I could do that? 3/15/2011
7782 How can I receive information from this college through the mail? Is there a way I can request it on this website? 3/8/2011
7781 My daughter lives in Vancouver, Wash., and takes all her classes on-line so she is considered a Pullman student. There are no available accommodations for attending WSU Spring 2001. We can't find a hotel room May 5, 6 or 7 in Pullman or elsewhere close by. Since all of us planning to see her graduate live in Vancovuer, may she "walk" for Commencement at WSU Vancouver? 3/7/2011
7779 When is WSU Dad's Weekend 2011? 3/7/2011
7780 How may I view and print my WSU unofficial transcript? 3/7/2011
7778 I graduated in December of 2010.Where's my diploma?? 2/21/2011
7774 What classes are required to attend Washington State University? 2/1/2011
7766 I need a receipt for the tuition my parents paid in the year 2010. How can I get it? 1/20/2011
7764 When are 1098-T tuition tax forms sent out? 1/20/2011
7763 I am a student on the Pullman campus and want to be a student tour guide. 1/20/2011
7767 I have met with my advisor a few times for advising appointments, and my advisor has not been all that helpful. I'd like to change my advisor. What office can help me do that? 1/20/2011
7761 Is there a Bank of America on the campus in Pullman? 1/10/2011
7758 I am interested in purchasing a photo -- taken by a Washington State University photographer -- of the WSU campus in Pullman to display in my office. Who can help me? 1/7/2011
7757 As an employer, I would like to verify that a student received a PhD from your university. What will I need to provide to you to get this information? 1/7/2011
7755 When will final grades be posted for the Fall 2010 semester? 12/22/2010
7754 I am an active duty Army soldier and will be on active duty until 2014. I am getting started on taking courses through a university. After I leave the service I am planning on pursuing an engineering degree through WSU. Can you please tell me what kinds of classes I should focus on in order to prepare myself to come to WSU? 12/21/2010
7753 What scores do I need on ACT and SAT? Also, I have a question about my GPA related to WSU admission. 12/7/2010
7751 I need to use Microsoft Visio for a class project. However, my computer died so I need to be able to find a computer on campus that has Visio. Are there any computers with Visio on campus and where are they? 11/16/2010
7748 My parents are visiting and I want to purchase football tickets for them. I thought I can purchase them at a discount with my Cougar Card. How do I do that? Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase? 10/25/2010
7745 I need to contact IALC about a language course, finished level4 in 1997. I need a certificate. I am applying for a new job. 10/19/2010
7743 Is there some sort of bulletin board for ride shares? 10/11/2010
7741 I drove by the Hitchcock Equine Track on Olympia Avenue the other day and saw mounds of dirt in the center of the track. What are they for/where did all that dirt come from? Is it from one of the construction sites around campus? 10/6/2010
7702 When and where will the flu shot be available to WSU students this Fall? 9/20/2010
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